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The vision of this blog is to inform and educate people about their ability. We provide here information related to education from beginning to the higher level, we encourage those people who lose their confidence we motivate them and provide the realistic information. It's an Educational website, we provide all information regarding streams, career options and way to achieve predetermined goals.We believe that to be a successful person we don't need to score 99% or 100% marks. To get success we need only two things that is Focus and Faith. if we have these we can get anything and everything.

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I am Ankit Pratap Singh, I am 23 year old software engineer, teacher, learner and an Amateur photographer. Writing blogs it's my part of my passion. Here I am trying to make a link with those who thought that they can't do anything I just want to let them know that everyone can do anything and everything just need to have faith in yourself. 

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  1. Sir aap sa ak questions ha ki
    B.com Kar ka ca Kar saktaha

    1. Off-course you can. If you want to get all details about CA. So we have already a post on CA you can check out.