After 12th Commerce: Join Indian Army/Navy/Air force


After 12th Commerce: Join Indian Army/Navy/Air Force

The Warriors of the land, Guardians of the sea, and air have a common background. 

In this article, we are going to talk about how to join Indian Armed forces after 12th Commerce. There are many ways, for science students to join Indian Army/Navy/Air Force but for commerce students, the ways are not wider as for science stream student to join Indian Armed Forces After 12th Commerce. Here I will describe career opportunity in Indian Armed forces after completing 12th standard.

Indian Armed Forces are one of the best career options after 12th. Indian Armed forces are the best employer in the world. It will not only give you best pay scale but also gives much respect from society. 


Can after 12th Commerce aspirants may appear for NDA entrance exam?

As science stream students have the opportunity to appear for NDA entrance exam and join any branches of Indian Armed Forces, commerce stream students don't have this opportunity. They can appear in NDA entrance exam but they can only join Indian Army after 12th standard.

Commerce stream students can't appear for NDA entrance exam to join Indian Air force or Indian Navy after 12th standard. They can only join Indian Army After 12th schooling.

Here you can check you eligibility regarding your age, qualification etc.

How to become an officer in Indian Armed forces after 12th Commerce

There are only two ways to get or become an officer in Indian Army/Navy/Air Force:

1. After 12th prepare for NDA entrance exam.
2. After Graduation prepares for CDSE, AFCAT, NCC, JAG Entry etc.                                                  

If you want to become an officer in Indian Army after 12th Commerce, so there is no provision. You can't become an officer but you can become a soldier after 12th schooling. 

And if you are looking for to join Indian Navy/ Air Forces after 12th commerce, so there is also no provision to get a commission in these forces. You can join these forces only after completing graduation.


After 12th Commerce Indian Air Force/Navy

There are some ways available for commerce students to join Indian Air Force/Navy after completing their graduation just like preparing for CDSE and AFCAT. CDSE stands for Common Defense service Exam this exam is conducted by UPSC for candidates who have the desire to join Indian Armed Force after graduation but for commerce students, it is not possible to appear for this exam because it requires Mathematics and Physics.

The second way is AFCAT. AFCAT stands for Air Force Common Admission Test. This test is conducted by Air Force as its annual common test. Commerce students after graduation can appear for this test only for ground duty because they can't become an operational officer as it requires Mathematics and Physics. 

To become eligible for this test you have to complete your graduation from any recognized universities. And remember commerce stream students can only appear AFCAT for ground duty Branch. After clearing written test you also have to clear SSB (Service Selection Board ) interview. Similarly, you can appear for same relevant exam conduct by the Indian Navy.

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Why you should join Indian Armed forces after 12th Commerce?

The answer is very simple and clear that Indian Armed forces give you the best opportunity to build your life as you want. It gives you full of joy, best pay scale and the most important thing the respect from society. There are lots of benefits are given below:

Personal Satisfaction and Pride
Job Security and Economics Stability
Prestige and Respect 
Post-retirement Benefits
Variety and Adventure
Facilities for Entire Family
Physical Fitness
Professional Advancement 
Paid Vacation 
Free Education
Get to learn new skills

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