CA course - CA course details, Fees, Duration...


CA course -  CA course details, Fees, Duration...

In this article, we are going to talk about CA (Chartered Accountant). Here you will get all necessary details about CA like a course, fees, duration, syllabus everything we will get here. 

Becoming a Chartered Accountant is one of the best Career options.  CA Course is one of the best and the most ambitious career option that you can choose after completing your school. It will give you wings to fly as far as you want. If you are looking for a prestigious, respected and excellent career option then CA course is a way to get your ambition. It will let you become rich, famous and do whatever you want to do in your life. Chartered Accountants are reputed persons, they are in demand, they are respected, they get everything that they like. If you are interested in accounting so don't waste your time in thinking too much. To become a Chartered Accountant you need only one and that is desirable so just tighten your seat belt and let dreams come true.


CA course details

If you are interested in becoming an accountant, you may have heard about the term CA. CA stands for Chartered Accountant, its refers to professional accountants who are qualified to take on a number of specific activities of accountancy. They perform lots of task such as filing the corporate tax return, financial statements, financial advising, and auditing. Actually, the concept of Chartered accountant originated in 1854 in Britain. It was the first governing group of the accountant. Nowadays there are several governing groups works in different part of the world. In India, it is known as ICAI 'The Institute of Chartered Accountant of India'. In the United state the equivalent position is known as a certified public accountant or CPA.

 CA Course 

Chartered Accountants are in demand because there are several reasons why a corporation, business or an individual need to hire a Chartered accountant. In Accountancy, there are many accounting and financial matters are quite sensitive and it requires someone who has complete Knowledge about all the term and concepts of the accounting. Business needs to feel safe about there monetary issues so that's why they need someone who can handle there account, without worrying about the legal requirement. so they want to hire the best Accountant for their Business.


Eligibility requirement for CA course  

To register for the course of  Chartered Accountant you need to have some eligibility require by ICAI 'the Institute of Chartered Accountant of India'.  Before going into details you should know that ICAI has revised its syllabus on 1st July 2017, according to new syllabus ICAI has to replace IPCC by CA Intermediate.

  1. A candidate can be eligible for registration for CA intermediate only after completing 10+2 or equivalent examination from recognized Board and also after passing CPT (Common Proficiency Test) or CA Foundation.
  2. There is also a direct way to get register for CA intermediate without going through CPT or CA foundation. The way is given below:
  1. Candidates who graduate/post graduate in commerce stream and scored minimum 55% can register directly for CA Intermediate without passing CPT or CA Foundation.
  2. Also, the candidate who graduate/post graduate in the non-commerce stream and scored 60% can register directly for CA Intermediate without passing CPT or CA Foundation.
After having above qualification a student can register for CA Intermediate.


Common proficiency test

CPT stands for Common proficiency test it is the entry level test for CA Course. CPT contains four papers and it is objective type examination. It requires students to answer 200 multiple choice question. ICAI conduct CPT examination two times in a year, in June and December.

After completing CPT or CA Foundation aspirants will able to apply for CA Intermediate.

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After completing CPT you have to go for IPCC (integrated professional competence course). At this stage, you will get theoretical education in CA course. This stage focus on theoretical knowledge about accounting. During going through IPCC you also have to complete 35 hours of the orientation program and 100 hours of Information technology Training. In ITT you will learn several things like Accounting package, CA software, Computer knowledge and so on.

After successfully completing both IPCC and ITT you will be eligible to join the CA final course

CA Final Course

CA final is the last stage of the ca course. At this stage, you will get expert knowledge of Accounting, Auditing, Financial reporting, taxation, corporate law and so on. After completing this stage you will become a CA.

CA Course Syllabus


Fundamentals of Accounting
Mercantile Laws
General Economics
Quantitative Aptitude

IPC Course

Business Law, Ethics and Communication
Auditing and Assurance
Cost Accounting and Financial Management
Advance Accounting
Information Technology and Strategic Management

CA Final
Financial Reporting
Strategic Financial Management
Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics
Corporate and Allied Laws
Advanced Management Accounting
Information Systems Control and Audit
Direct Tax Laws
Indirect Tax Laws

CA Course Fee

CA Registration Fee are given below according to ICAI 'the Institute of Chartered Accountant of India' revised CA course.  






Further studies after the CA course

After completing a course, you will have several options. You may get a job and start your career or you can also go for advanced studies to become specialize in this field. You may pursue law, taxation, etc. some of the well-known courses are given below:

CMA - Cost Accountants
CS  - Company secretary 
CFA  - Chartered Financial Analyst
MBA - Finance
FRM - Finance Risk Manager
CFP - Certified finance Planner
LL.B - Bachelor of Laws
CISA - Certified information system auditor
CIA   - Certified internal auditor

Scope after CA course

Chartered Accountants have lots of career option to choose after completing their course some of them are given below:
  1. CA's can choose to set up their own independent practice and develop their client on merits.
  2. They can offer their services in the field of capital market.
  3. A qualified Chartered Accountant can join the Government Services, public sector or even in the private sector.
  4. They can apply for the job at an existing accounting firm of Chartered Accountants.
  5. Institute of CA of India is also well recognized abroad like England, Wales and Australia one can even practice in these countries as well.
  6. As per the report by Economics Times, there is a huge demand for CA's in the manufacturing and financial services sector.
  7. CA is emerging as a good career option for women as it allows work to be done at one's own pace and time, and, also allows one to control the money flow.
So this is about the CA Course and CA course details and what is accounting if you have still any queries so feel free to write us.

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  1. To become a Chartered Accountant (CA) a candidate needs to have skills that includes good quantitative, analytical, problem-solving, commercial awareness, communication, teamwork skills along with ethics, professionalism, and eye for detail.

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