Mass communication and journalism courses, eligibility etc...


Mass communication and journalism courses, eligibility etc...

If you want challenges and adventures in your life so this option only for you it will let you be Sherlock Holmes, Byomkesh Bakshi and so on. It's a great career option for those love challenges and has fighting spirit but if you are that type of person who loves to stay in their Comfort Zone so it's not for you because you can't handle its pressure. This option is only for those who have patience and lot of patience and for those who want to get importance, glamour, money and fame in the society. So, waiting for what just go and grab it and don't think too much if you really have interest in Mass communication and journalism so don't take too much time in thinking that,  is it a right choice or not. Because in the world nothing is perfect and you are not going to get anything for free without doing hard work and dedication so just be smart let your wings to fly in the sky as never before.

What are Mass communication and journalism?

Now the questions are what is journalism and mass communication. Journalism and Mass Communication is a combine academic level course. In the Mass Communication, we learn how to communicate with the people through media like radio, newspaper, television, Internet, magazines and so on.It's a study of how to exchange information through media to a large number of people at the same time. But in journalism, it relates to the transmission of the news through print and electronic media. Journalism is an activity in which journalist have to be master in gathering and assessing information and make it into the news. 

How to become a journalist?

Today Journalism is becoming one of the most prominent career options. It gives you a life full of excitement, prestige and glamour. Its demand is growing day by day as the market of journalism is growing rapidly. There are several ways to become a journalist you can choose according to your desire.To become a journalist you should have to follow some step with your academic knowledge which is given below:-
Step 1: complete your 10+2 or equivalent from a recognised Board you can choose any stream at this level. It can be  Science, Commerce and Arts as well.

Step 2: Take a Baccalaureate degree in Journalism from a UGC recognised university.

Step 3: Take an internship.

Step 4:- start your career as a journalist by taking a job or you can work as a freelancer but it will be good to start your career with the well-known company by becoming an Employee.

Top 10 colleges of Journalism courses

Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Delhi 
Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication, Pune 
Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, BHU 
Department of Communication and Journalism, Pune 
Xavier Institute of Communications, Mumbai  
Indian Institute of Journalism & New Media, Bangalore 
Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad 
Aj Kidwai Mass Communication Research, Jamia, New Delhi  
Manipal Institute of Communications, Manipal 
Amity School of Communication, Noida 

What are the skills required to become a Journalist?

To become a journalist you need to have some skills. Without having skills no one can stand especially in the field of journalism because it's not a game of childhood, here only those people can stand who have some great quality skills.

So let's take a look what kind of skills required to become a journalist.

You must have good communication and writing skill.

self-confidence is the main key to success so you must have believed in yourself and make people relaxed.

Ability to get the information quickly and friendly nature.

You should have knowledge of Information technology so you can easily use them for your benefits.

Curiosity, to be a good journalist you should be curious about new things.
Passionate, without having the passion for your work you can't make it easy for yourself.

You must be kind to people and you should be Trustworthy and reliable.


Career in Mass communication and journalism

In the field of Journalism [journalism courses], there are the lot of career options available you just need to have to decide what you want to do because as I mention above taking Journalism as a career it's not going to be easy as eating food. For this, you have to give your best and be dedicated to your work.Journalism gives you lot of option you can choose anyone as according to your ambition. Some options are given below:

Public relations specialist
Social media specialist
Content marketer
Technical writer
Grant writer
Corporate communications specialist
Sports information director
These are some most common options you have but it's not the end, there are too many options also available in the market you have to just pick anyone. School of Journalism and Mass communication is the perfect place where you can start learning about journalism but remember one thing that is taking a degree will not enough until you have the faith on yourself and hunger to become a Journalist.

Hope this article will help you if I have missed anything so you ask me, So feel free to write us.

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