How to overcome exam fear, study plan...


How to overcome exam fear

In this article, we are going to talk about examination preparation and how to overcome exam fear. Here you will get word of advice, which help you to make you study plan. 
Exam fear, whenever we think about examination our heart goes down, it feels so scary.Especially for those who did not study for the whole year and at the last moments they want to get everything. But its not a right way of study, everyone should focus on their task from the beginning, it's really very important if you want to score good marks so you have to keep practice, calm yourself don't let examination fear to control you. Here are the few tips for how to overcome exam fear.


And the most important thing that you should keep in our mind that is Marks doesn't matter for those who have big desire to get success because to fly in the sky you don't need to have wings it needs only one thing that is courage. Be a courageous person just try to change your behaviour toward your practice and learning, think different and do differently if you want to do something different and awesome, Focus on your study, and make sure that your study should be a quality study, not quantity study Because something is better than nothing.

Here I am going to give you some important tips, regarding how to overcome exam fear and prepare yourself for examination:-

Read all points carefully and follow them it will take you to your desired destination. Every student should follow time management it's a very big thing it can let you do things according to your wish. So,  manage your time, because time is everything if you lose time so nothing will remain with you.

points to remember to control exam fear

Find out the best time for studying, everyone has strong and week period of attention and focus, maybe you can learn more thing in the morning or you can learn at night with more focus and attention so you have to choose your best time for it.

Study difficult subjects first:  Make a plan and find which subject is hard for you then allow your time according to their need don't waste your precious time on those subject which is light for you just give them only required time.
Sleep Properly: you need to have proper time for rest after studying your subjects, take the time go out make fun with your friends and family, take a walk and enjoy time don't take too much burden.

Don't learn continuously for long period of time use distributed Learning and practice, 
take a break between learning because your mind needs to process the information so just make shorter time block with short breaks between.

And most important thing make your study place Entertaining and comfortable for study it will help you to focus on your study.
Just keep one thing in your mind don't let your confidence down. Always have faith in yourself, try to find the solution to a problem instead of running away. Then you can easily beat your exam fear. 

These are some tips from my side you have to just follow this steps it will help you to get your work done according to your wish.

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