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Courses after 12th Commerce

In this article, we are going to talk about Courses after 12th Commerce. Here you will get all the necessary details about Courses which you can pursue after 12th. Here is the list of top courses with their duration.

Commerce vs. Science which one is better, it's a big question among all students especially for those who are in High School. But let me clarify you that to be successful in life it doesn't matter, actually why we think about it both are equivalent for this purpose. We have to just change our attitude toward life and don't chase the money let it chase you. So I am here for you I will try my level best to guide you about The Best Courses after 12th Commerce. 

Know about Commerce:-

Commerce stream has a sea of options and opportunities for those who want to make their career and achieve their goals in life. it lets you fly high above the sky. students who are studying under this stream have an intellectual look toward the outside world.In commerce, students study many subjects like Accountancy, Business studies, Economics, English and Mathematics off-course. Commerce is becoming very relevant and popular among all students that is the major reason, due to which countries are bringing up excellent career-related opportunities to this stream.

list of courses after 12th commerce

Under this stream, students have these number of competitive examination which is to take after school such as:-

C.S Foundation course :- C.S stand for company secretary, all the students who have passed 12th from any recognized Board can go for it. Duration for foundation program is 8 months.It is required for foundation program students to pass the foundation examination within 3 years.

C.A Foundation course: C.A stands for Chartered Accountant, Students who are appearing in 12th or passed 12th from recognized Board can register for the foundation course.

CMA Foundation course:- CMA stand for Certified Management Accountant students who have passes 12th or equivalent are eligible for this course.The examination for CMA foundation is conducting by The Institute of Cost Accountants of India.

Above three are the most popular courses in commerce.But if you are not interested in these three you can choose other options for you. Some other popular courses for commerce stream are given below:-

Business Studies: This is an academic subject. In the Business studies, you will learn to combine elements of accountancy, finance, marketing, organizational studies, and economics.   
Hotel Management :-This is the most popular course that you can prefer after 12th if you have interest in the field of Hotels. It will give you lot of money and success.
National Defence Academy (Indian Army)
Fashion Technology:-This is one of the most creative fields if you love creativity so this course only for you, you can choose it. It will give you a new height of your life.
Bachelor of Laws[LLB] :- If you have interest in reading books or you are Bibliophile and you have interest in Law's so you can go for it.
Bachelor of Arts(Mathematics) :-This course only for those who are crazy about Mathematics, Because it needs a lot of hard work and dedication as well.
Bachelor of Arts[Economics] :- Bachelor of Arts in Economics is a 3-year undergraduate academic course. It's one of the most popular course that you should pursue.
Bachelor of Commerce(B.Com)  It's a 3-year undergraduate course. Especially prefer by the students who belong to Commerce stream.
Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA):-BBA it's a 3-year undergraduate degree course.You can choose it if you have interest in the field of marketing and in business administration.
Bachelor of Statistics:- It's a 3-year undergraduate degree course. It's a good option for those who love to learn stats, numbers, dates, and names etc.

As I mention above you have to just focus on your desire, on your wish that what you want to be in your life if you find the answer of this there will be no problem remain. Commerce stream has a lot of variety you have to just choose one of them. Some others are given below.

Event Management Course
Hospitality Diploma course
Journalism and Mass Communication
Actuarial Science
Forensic Accounting
Investing Banking
Market Research
Capital Marketing
Human Resource Management
In commerce there are too many courses for commerce students are available you can choose anyone for your career.


what to do after 12th

So which one is better Commerce or Science, I will say the choice between commerce and science purely depends on your interest. Do not choose something which you don't like for many reasons. If you are interested in science do choose science along with maths. And If you are interested in maths and accountancy to join commerce and do CA which is very valuable as of now. or you can prefer CS and CMA these two are also very popular.

So just need an intro inspection to know what you want to be, don't follow others just do whatever you want to be don't be a sheep, be clever always think and make plans  and the main thing don't only plans, you must have to implement your plans then you will get your desire position follow your heart just go with it.

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