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Courses after 12th arts...

This is a question of concern why students running away from Arts stream, why they only want to study with Science or Commerce stream. It's the craziest thing people are becoming sheep they only doing that thing which others do without knowing their abilities, their interest they not following their dreams. They are following just others advice, they don't have any control over their desire, actually the main problem is that they really don't know what they want to do they do not know which stream will better for them. so , here is the list of courses after 12th arts that you can pursue.

But here I am going to prove that Arts stream was the best, is the best and will be the best stream forever especially for the Indians

Arts stream have a lot of numerous career option and opportunities. This is a very traditional stream and one of the best among others. In this stream, students can learn about like humanities, visual arts, literary arts etc.


There are a lot of career option available in Arts stream some of them are given below:-

IAS:- Indian Administrative service is one and the most reputed work that you can get through Arts stream it gives you honour in the social power of administration and the freedom to make your society according to yourself. It needs only one thing that is hard work with dedication.

IPS:- Indian Police service by choosing this as your career you will be a well-reputed person in the society. The best option for those who want to make their career in the field of police.

IFS:- Indian Foreign service it's a great option especially for those who want to stay and travel to abroad it gives you power, name, fame all the thing which required for great life.

Above I have mentioned some great options in the field of Arts Stream, But these are not only the options there are too many options also available, some of them are given below, just take a look on it.

Fashion Designing(B.F.D):-Bachelor of Fashion Designing, Course duration is 4 years. Designing Fashion Designing is one best stream for those who have creative thinking, it needs a passion for clothing. It gives big opportunities but remembers it also very challenging. So it needs more hard work with passion.

Acting, Modelling and Dance: Those who are good in acting and dancing so Arts stream is one of the best ways to reach out to their destination. It provides both diploma and degree courses. The scope and opportunities in this field are very strong.

Bachelor of Arts Economics: - Bachelor of Arts in Economics is a 3-year undergraduate academic course. It's one of the most popular course that you should pursue.
B.A:- Bachelor of Arts course duration is 3 years. Most students preferred to do this, it's a tradition course for Arts Stream

B.B.A:- Bachelor of Business Administration.Course duration is 3 years.

B.M.S:-Bachelor of Management Science.Course duration is 3 years.

B.T.T.M:-Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management. Course duration is 3-4 years.

B.B.S:- Bachelor of Business Studies. Course duration is 3 years.

Aviation course(Cabin Crew). Course duration normally between 1 to 3 years.

B.RM.:- Bachelor of Retail Management Course.Course 3 years.

B.SW:- Bachelor of Social work. Course duration is 3 years.

D.El.Ed:- Diploma in Elementary Education. Course duration is 3 years.

B.F.A:- Bachelor of Fine Arts.Course duration is 3 years.

B.H.M:- Bachelor of Hotel Management. Course duration is 3 years.

B.E.M:- Bachelor of Event Management. Course duration is between 3 to 4 years.

Integrated Law Course:-B.A+L.L.B. Course duration is 5 years.

B.J.M:-Bachelor of  Journalism and Mass Communications .Course duration is 2-3 years.

B.El.Ed.:- Bachelor of Elementary Education .Course duration is 4 years.

B.P.Ed.:-Bachelor of Physical Education. Course duration is 1 years.
These are the top courses after 12th that you can prefer after 12th.Just keep in your mind that every stream gives you the equal opportunity you just have to choose according to your Dream.

If you have any Question regarding these courses or you want to ask anything related to this so feel free to write us.

Best wishes


  1. Please post some on travelling carrier.

    1. very soon we are going to publish an article on travel and tourism courses

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